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The Christian message is the most amazing news the world has ever heard, and it centres on the most significant person in human history, the Lord Jesus Christ.  No one can claim to be truly educated unless he or she understands the Christian message, and more than that, millions of people worldwide, in every culture and country, claim that this message has transformed their lives.  This site, and the studies contained in it, is dedicated to helping people discover the Christian message for themselves.  Are you seeking to discover what Christianity really is?  Then this site is for you!

The "Understanding Christianity" Bible study series was developed by Dr Paul B Coulter for use with scholars and students from a Chinese cultural background, but it will also be helpful for anyone who wants to understand the big message of the Bible.  It aims to provide a clear overview of the Bible's message in 24 studies starting with creation and ending with an understanding of Christian living in the present age.  In addition the series includes extensive study aids for students who want to further their knowledge of the Bible.  The series is now in its fifth edition, which was completed in June 2009.



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