Six weeks of material for new and growing Christians, including notes on key aspects of faith and daily reading notes to encourage engagement with the Bible

This material was prepared for use with new Christians to introduce them to the most important aspects of Christian belief and practice and to encourage good habits of personal engagement with the Bible, inductive study and fellowship in a group to be taught.  It works best over six weeks when there is a weekly group meeting where an expeirenced believer teaches material, with individuals completing a simple study the next day and using the daily reading material on the other five days.

Week 1: New Life

  • The Good News • A new identity • What difference will it make? • How can I be sure?


Week 2: New Relationship

  • Prayer – talking to God • What to do about …doubts … temptation … sin


Week 3: New Direction

  • The Bible – God reveals Himself to us • Knowing God’s will


Week 4: New Power

  • The Holy Spirit – God at home in our lives • Spiritual Warfar


 Week 5: New Family 

  • Love one another • Why bother with Church? • The New Covenant • The Lord’s Supper


Week 6: New Purpose

  • The End of the World is Near! • Our Mission • Water Baptism


Currently only one sample week's material of the First Steps course is available to download freely by clicking on the link above.  If you are interested in using the full course, please contact me to discuss the possibility.

© 2014 Dr Paul B Coulter, - Soli Deo Gloria

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