A 24 part course on the Christian faith covering the whole story of the Bible and intended for use by individuals or groups


The Understanding Christianity course was first developed for use with overseas students in Belfast who wanted to explore the Christian faith.  It was instrumental in seeing many becoming Christians and growing in their faith.  It has since been translated into Burmese and is being used in Myanmar/Burma. I have made it available online for the benefit of anyone who wants to understand the Christian faith or to help others to do so.  The materials include an overview and appendix as well as three 'modules' containing eight studies each.


All files are available to download free for your personal use by clicking on the headings below

If you wish to use the material in a group setting please contact me for permission. 

This overview of the series introduces the reader to the Bible and includes a timeline of Bible history as well as summarising the course.

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A glossary of terms and names used in the studies with Chinese translation.

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Old Testament

Parts 1 to 8 and study aids for the Old Testament

Suggested running dates:

October to Christmas

Parts 9 to 16 and study aids about the Gospels 


Suggested running dates:

January to Easter

Church and Christian Life

Parts 17 to 24 and study aids about the New Testament epistles and church history 


Suggested running dates:

Easter to summer

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